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The arc spray process is at the very core of Praxair Surface Technologies' broad line of thermal spray equipment. This is because of Praxair’s historic development and pioneering of applications focused on the arc spray process and our commitment to equipment design and commercialization. We provide a complete family of arc spray products, each using tailored technologies for various coating solutions. The range stretches from “push” to “pull” to “push/pull” wire- feed technologies and to innovative process enhancements like Internal Diameter (ID) spray extensions and ArcJet® spray attachment. In addition, we offer a variety of configurations that will support the most demanding applications.

Arc spray models

  • 8830MHU: A true classic of the arc spray line which features an air-driven “pull” 350-amp gun and simple to use control that has the modular unbundled capability. The 8830MHU has become a proven economical and reliable standard of excellence with thousands of applications worldwide.
  • 8835MHU: Adaptable to any spray environment, the 8835MHU features an electric motor “pull” 350-amp gun and modular unbundled control technology. The PLC controls can be used in either automatic or manual mode, and the gun is flexible enough to be handheld or robotically mounted.
  • BP400: A versatile robust option, the BP400 features a lightweight point-and-shoot gun utilizing “push” wire feed technology. Designed with a 400-amp output, the system provides both application and production flexibility with superior coating results.
  • CoArcTM system: A combination of the best features in TAFA products, the CoArc system features the 9935 350- amp gun combining the robust 8835-type drive with high airflow capability and a “pull” or “push/ pull” wire delivery system. Designed with a variety of “state-of-the-art” features and options, it revolutionizes arc spraying by using sophisticated control technology to close-loop the spray process.


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Arc Spray



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