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Integrated Systems

In order to produce superb plasma-sprayed coatings with a wide variety of materials, plasma spray equipment must perform consistently, whether the energy level is 15 or 80 kW. To provide consistent control over the complete range of plasma spray systems and power levels, Praxair and

TAFA offers three plasma system options: (1) manual, critical orifice controlled; (2) computerized, mass-flow controlled; and (3) high power, computerized, mass-flow controlled.

Whether you need simple, reliable plasma spray equipment, a sophisticated, robust computerized system, or the high-power PlazJet II plasma spray equipment, Praxair and TAFA have a solution for you. We take pride in offering a range of engineered systems; each includes the necessary safety-engineered, plug-and-play modular components including power supply, arc starter, control console, powder feeder(s) and spray gun. This allows you to get up and running quickly.

Committed Resources

The decades of excellent performance provided by our plasma systems, including critical aircraft engine applications, are a reflection of our commitment and expertise in the field of Thermal Spray. Praxair and TAFA’s plasma systems are designed to produce quality coatings using our Model SG-100 gun, other outstanding plasma guns produced by us or most other manufacturers’ plasma guns. We can offer a complete plasma system that fits most requirements. Importantly, we support our hardware with unparalleled technical service and application assistance, along with one of the most capable powder operations in the thermal spray industry. Praxair and TAFA’s equipment options, powder quality and selection, and coatings know-how offer you the best value for a total plasma coating system.

Integrated Know-How

Our pioneering use of argon as the primary plasma gas gives:

  • Easier/simpler ignition and startup
  • An arc larger in diameter and “softer” than diatomic gas arc • Less substrate heating due to shorter effluent plume
  • Quieter operation; more stable arc region
  • •More consistent performance • Cleaner coatings

Combine this with first-rate engineering backup, coating expertise and world-class powder and you can be assured of consistent reliable coatings.

Add it up and you will agree: Praxair and TAFA has the right plasma solution to meet your needs.

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Plasma Spray



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