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Hard Chrome Plating

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by Dino Russo, Business Development/Coating Solutions, Indurate Alloys




The Hard Chrome Plating Industry has been in operation since 1924 and has been an integral part of
various markets and industries for almost 100 years. Hard Chrome Plating is one of the most popular
metal finishing processes in the world because of the many applicable uses. Hard Chrome Plating is
used in industries such as the automotive, industrial, energy, aerospace, mining and agriculture,
consumer products, plumbing, heavy equipment industries, just to mention a few.

There are many benefits of Hard Chrome plating, increased hardness of a plated product being one of
the main benefits. Hard Chrome Plating a surface provides an average of 69HRC hardness. The hardness
and durability of a chrome plated metal surface finish extends part life even under severe mechanical
and chemical contact and wear situations. A Hard Chrome Plated surface resists corrosion, while
creating a bright and smooth surface that is easier to clean and work with in applications where seal fits
are essential.

A Hard Chrome Plated coating with it’s smooth finish allows for greater lubricity, which
combined with its hardness, makes it one of the prime engineering choices for friction reduction and
durability enhancement in applications where abrasion resistance is required. These properties make it
suitable for use in harsh environments where other plating materials would not withstand the
conditions and potentially expose the substrate metal to corrosion attack.

At Indurate Alloys Ltd, we have aligned ourselves with leaders in the Hard Chrome industry providing
top quality products that support our clients in hard chrome plating applications. Indurate Alloys Ltd. are
a distributor of top-quality hard chrome plating products and have in-house knowledge and experience.
We distribute industry leading products from Atotech Canada and Empire Buff. Indurate Alloys also carry
a wide variety of supporting chrome plating products such as Hard Chrome additives, wetting agents,
and chrome removal chemicals.

Indurate Alloys facility in Edmonton, Alberta has many of the products in stock and there are no
minimum order quantities which allows our customers the flexibility to purchase only what they need
when they need it. This aspect of Indurates business helps our clients manage inventory levels and cash
flow. Additionally, being located in Edmonton allows Indurate Alloys to easily ship products to our
Western Canadian based clients in a timely manner without cross country shipping and handling

Indurate Alloys Ltd. look forward to assisting you and your business with its Hard Chrome plating supply needs.

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